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How to mount an .iso or .dmg files on Mac OS X?
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Beginning with Mac OS Version 10.3, Apple installed a utility named Disk Image Mounter that handles the mounting --- also known as un-archiving --- of disk image files like ISOs. Like other disk images, an ISO is a single file containing all the information of a hard drive or storage device like a CD or DVD. It is an exact replication of an original drive's data and structure. Unlike other applications or utilities on your Mac OS X, Disk Image Mounter does not appear in any search of your computer's contents, nor does it have any interface, so you must locate it manually by right-clicking your ISO file and using the "Open With" command.



 1. Right-click your .ISO or .DMG file and hold your cursor over the "Open With" arrow. If Disk Image Mounter is not listed, click "Other" to enter the Choose Application window.
. Click the "Enable" drop-down box and select "All Applications."
Click your "System" icon in the Devices panel, located on the left-hand side of the Choose Application screen. Double-click the "System" folder and double-click the enclosed "Library" folder.
Scroll down the System/Library list and double-click the "CoreServices" folder. Scroll through CoreServices and highlight "DiskImageMounter."
5. Click the "Always Open With" button at the bottom of the Choose Application window to make DiskImageMounter your default disk image opener in the future. Press "Open" to mount your ISO or DMG and save your changes.


  • For easier reference, DiskImageMounter is located at "/System/Library/CoreServices/DiskImageMounter."

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